Dave and Mel have both had a love of poker for many years...


Dave had his first experience with Texas Holdem in his early 20's at a work function. Over the following few years he gained experience through playing at the casino and then went on to playing regular tournaments at local pubs and clubs.  His love of poker had begun.  Dave also worked at various poker leagues around Perth, and even gained a following of players, that loved the way he ran tournaments. Dave lived "the poker dream" in 2011 and took a trip to America to see the sites, and of course to play on the tables.  He has played poker in Las Vegas, Macau, Reno, Barcelona, Manila,  Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.


Mel had her first experience with poker in 2005 in Sydney at a 4 person home game. She had no idea what was going on, but thought it was great fun, and she played in her first live tournament later that week - still having no idea what was going on!  It wasn't long before it all made sense and then Mel was playing poker 7 nights a week, sometimes 2 tournaments a day - back then the tournaments were all free!  Mel went on to run tourneys for a local league, working with a team to host fortnightly regionals for approx 250 people, and weekly tournaments for approx 50 people.  Mel moved back to Perth in 2009 and continued playing poker with Perth leagues. Mel has played poker in Macau, Barcelona, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Dave and Mel decided in 2014,   that they would like to start their own poker league.  A league that would provide a high level of professionalism, whilst also making the game fun for all that played - and so, Perth Poker League was born.