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The Perth Poker League Grand Finals are a end of season event for qualified players to compete over multiple days. Our seasons run for a period of four months and in order to qualify to play in the grand final, a minimum of six games played are needed and re-entries in games are counted as an entry. To check if you have qualified for the grand final, click the qualified tab on the left to find your name. If you cannot find your name, check the unqualified tab, find your name and see how many games you have played. In order to qualify for the grand final, you will need to make up the six games and pay $50 per game. (E.g. If

Grand Final.jpg

you have played 4 games, you will need to pay an extra $100 on day one along with the standard entry fee. The extra fee is only required once to make up the six games).

The day one tournaments can be played for a $100 entry fee with 1x re-entry, 20 min blinds all night and a T40,000 starting stack. To make it through to day two, all you need to do is bag up your remaining chips accumulated playing a day one event. If you bust out of a day one tournament, you have the option of entering multiple day ones. If you play multiple day one's and bag up chips, we will only take your biggest stack through to day two

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the contact us button at the top of the page or on Facebook or speak to a friendly staff member at any of our games.

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