Grand Final October 2022

To Qualify to this event you must have played 6 pro games with PPL in the months of  June, July, August and September 2022. If you cannot play 6 times you can make up the difference in games at $50 per game to get you to the 6 games ie you have only played 4 games your entry to gf will be $200 for the first day 1 then any other day 1s of that serries you pay $100.
New structure we now have a 3 day event!!!!!
It will now be run as a repecharge for all the day 1s. You can play as many day 1s as you wish and take your best stack through to day 2.( it is not an accumulator)

40000 start stack.
20 minute Blinds
$100 buy in.
1 optional re-entry up to the end of level 5.
No add ons


Qualified Players

Blind Structure Day 1

day 1.jpg

Blind Structure Day 2

day 2.jpg

Blind Structure Day 3

day 3.jpg

Permits issued to Various permit holder under section 47 of the act at Various venues game tournament poker and cash tables.

Tournament structure may change due to time constraints.