Friday 10th June Macedonian

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Terms and Conditions

1. To Qualify for the Battle of The Champs you have to play and win a Perth Poker League Pro game during the season from 1st of February  2022 to May 2022.

2. If you win more than 1 pro game per season you only get one entry. Entries are non transferable.

3.The winner and runner up will receive a $2500 apt prize package.( PPL may pay cash to winner if  covid or any other restrictions are in place) Apt package may be sold or transferred.( If the prizepool is not over $5000 we may only pay 1 package and remainder in cash to top 10%)

4. Entry in The BOC is free. 1 Re-Entry will be available at the cost of $50.1 $50 add on will also be available.

5. Prize pool will be based on how many games have been played during the season and re-entries in the game.($1 will be taken from all pro games during the season ).

6. Prize pool structure top 2 players will receive a $2500 apt package. Remainder of cash will be paid to the top 10% of players.

7. Perth Poker League have first rite to purchase package prizes off winning players. Players must contact Perth Poker League if they wish to sell package.